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Windows Phone 8.1 shows up on Microsoft’s website, Windows 8.1 Update goes live early

Microsoft’s upcoming updates for both the desktop and phone versions of Windows 8 popped up prematurely on the company’s website. 


Microsoft is expected to announce Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update (earlier known as Update 1) in early April, but both have managed to make an appearance on the company’s website/servers before schedule.

Windows Phone 8.1 was temporarily listed on Microsoft’s US website earlier today – the Redmond giant also started listing compatibility of apps with WP 8.1 on the app store recently, so it looks like the first major update to Windows Phone 8 could go out soon after Microsoft makes it official at its BUILD conference in San Francisco. The website didn’t mention any details of 8.1, but previous leaks suggest it will include features such as a notification center, a personal assistant named Cortana, changes to multitasking, a new file picker, support for VPN, on-screen navigation buttons, dual SIM support, and more.

Meanwhile, the spring update for Windows 8 is back on Microsoft’s update servers, after a short stint online in early March. The official rollout is expected to commence from April 8, and while there’s no confirmation, the update available on Windows Update is likely the RTM version. Changes in Windows 8 Update 1 are mainly aimed at improving the experience for keyboard and mouse users, with the inclusion of features such as a power and search button in the Start screen for non-touch devices, ability to minimize, maximize and close Modern apps, and a right-click context menu for Live Tiles.

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