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Windows Phone 8.1 images show notification center, live tile grouping

Windows Phone 8.1 has oft been rumored to bring a dedicated notifications screen to the OS, and newly leaked images show off how Microsoft is implementing the notification center on the Start screen.


Pictures showing a dedicated notifications screen were leaked back in June, but there was no indication of how it was supposed to be accessed. A Live Tile seems to be the answer according to two new images that have leaked out, though hopefully that’s just one way of doing it, as having to go to the homescreen to view all pending notifications would be a time-wasting effort.

One image shows two notifications on the Live Tile, along with a star that is also visible up at the status bar. Another one, leaked via a different source, reveals exactly the same tile, so the fact that these images aren’t faked are pretty much confirmed. The second image also points to Microsoft adding the option to select multiple live tiles and group them together, and Skype and Outlook seem to be on their way to being merged into one.

These screenshots confirm that Windows Phone 8.1, dubbed “Blue,” will introduce some major new features, with the notification center being one of the more important ones. Alas, the update isn’t expected to arrive until early next year, so users are going to have to be content with the upcoming GDR3 update, which will add a rotation lock, ability to close apps via multitasking, driving mode and more.

SourceWindows Phone PLXDA-Developers.com

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