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Windows Phone 7 Connector: Now Available for OS X

What are the odds that a loyal Mac user would actually think of using a smartphone that comes with Windows Phone 7 preloaded on it and not iOS? Well, apparently Microsoft thinks that the number is high enough: after all, why else would the software giant's Windows Phone 7 Connector software app for Windows Phone 7 have found its way over to the Mac App Store?

Well, that took Microsoft long enough. Almost four months ago, we lauded Microsoft on how quick it was in attempting to take measures that would make it easy for the average consumer to migrate from their existing smartphones over to its new Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. Indeed, Microsoft did not waste any time back then: barely two weeks after the operating system was launched, the software giant surprised everybody by producing a pre-release version of Windows Phone 7 Connector which allowed owners of Windows Phone 7 smartphones to sync their handsets on the Mac operating system.

However, as all people know, pre-release software is never stable, and as a result there was bound to be more than a few rough edges with the beta version of Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac. That being said, it appears that Mac users who happen to own Windows Phone 7-powered handsets will have something to look forward to today, because a quick look at the Mac App Store reveals that the finalized version of Windows Phone 7 Connector has finally gone live and is available for download at the Mac App Store.

Similar to how indispensable iTunes is for iOS-powered devices, one can think of Windows Phone 7 Connector as the 'iTunes' of Windows Phone 7. According to Microsoft, the application is designed to allow for the syncing of media files such as images, videos and audio clips to OS X's iTunes or iPhoto libraries, as well as simplify the process of flashing a Windows Phone 7 handset's firmware for firmware updates. 

Unfortunately, it seems that the luxury of syncing one's Windows Phone 7-powered handset through the Windows Phone 7 Connector software application is not extended to every single OS X user. This is due to the fact that the app has a rather stringent software requirement, and that is to restrict the use of this app to users of at least version 10.6.6 of the OS X operating system. Simply put, non Snow Leopard users need not apply. Bummer.

Source: Mac App Store Preview

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