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Windows Phone 7.8 mainstream support ends September 9

The last iteration of Windows Phone 7 will move into extended support after September 9, and will receive only important security updates.

Windows Phone 7.8 support ends September 9

Microsoft’s support website has revealed that mainstream support for Windows Phone 7.8 will end come September, with extended support for over the course of the following 5 years.

Windows Phone 7.8 hasn’t received a major update since Windows Phone 8 was launched in late 2012, though the end of mainstream support so soon might not sit well with users, especially since Windows Phone 7 devices – many less than a year old – weren’t updated to Windows Phone 8. However, with a majority of the OS’ users now on Windows Phone 8, the end-of-life for 7.8 shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Like all other software products from Microsoft, the extended support period will see the company rolling out security updates and hotfixes if necessary to users that continue to stick to Windows Phone 7.8-powered phones. Security updates might not have the same attraction as feature updates, but most users have probably already come to terms with the fact that Microsoft won’t be pooling any resources into updating Windows Phone 7.8.

Source: Microsoft

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