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This is what Windows 9’s Start Menu might look like

Purportedly leaked photos from Microsoft show the Start Menu mixes in elements from Windows 8’s Metro UI.


The return of the iconic Start Menu, once planned for a second update of Windows 8, is one of the hotly anticipated features of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 9 “Threshold” update. Now, a screenshot has emerged via the My Digital Life forums that purportedly shows the iconic button in use in an early build of Windows 9.

According to My Digital Life, the screenshot is from Build 6.4.9788 of Windows 9 which was recently spotted in Windows Store logs. The screenshot shows a Start Button, but redesigned with influences from Windows 8’s Metro UI.

While the screenshot does have the words “Windows 8.1 Pro” on the desktop, Neowin reports that early builds of Windows 9 inside Microsoft still use this branding. This could also mean that technically speaking, Windows 9 is only an incremental update from Windows 8.1 — analogous to Windows 98 SE and Windows ME.

Arguably one of the reasons Windows 8 never took off was because of the absence of this button, users were skeptical about replacing a part of the Windows experience that had been with it since Windows 95.

Source: My Digital Life

Via: Neowin

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