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Windows 95 ported to the Apple Watch

Windows 95 ported to the Apple Watch

Microsoft has come a long way since the days of Windows 95, and there’s no reason anyone would want to use that version of the operating system in this day and age. A smartwatch is especially not the platform one would use, but Windows 95 was ported by an enthusiast to Google’s Android Wear platform for kicks back in 2014, and it has now made its way to the Apple Watch.

The lack of an option to install actual operating systems on the Apple Watch, developer Nick Lee decided to turn Windows 95 into a watch “app” before pushing it to Apple’s smartwatch. It wasn’t just a software effort – Lee also designed a motor that kept turning the watch’s digital crown in order to keep the display on. The OS took an hour to boot since it was being emulated and not being run natively, though naturally even after firing up it is nothing more than a proof of concept than something truly useful.

It is interesting to see how enthusiasts continue to work on bringing old pieces of software to modern devices, and given Apple’s closed ecosystem across its devices, it’s impressive how Windows 95 came to run on the Cupertino giant’s first smartwatch.

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