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Windows 8 is tricky, according to sample of “typical users”

With Windows 8 less than a week away from launch, a group of 14 "typical users" took part in a UK test and reported that the new UI was less than simple to use.

The UK design firm Foolproof has recently conducted a test of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 8, and there are a few issues. 14 people, called "typical users" by Foolproof, were tasked with navigating around Windows 8's new Modern UI for some time and report back on their experience.

The testers were all previous windows users, which one might think would aid in understanding the new version of the OS. However, the drastically different, tile oriented design of Windows 8's user interface is quite new, and ditches the traditional windows environment everyone's familiar with. It seems that this causes somewhat of a learning curve, and the testers report back it's a bit steep.

Windows 8's new interface

Among the issues they reported back, the users had trouble staring internet explorer, and that they weren't able to discern what text fields were editable when typing emails. In addition, they often felt as if they'd lost access to programs if minimized, as there is no taskbar to organize your open programs. The users did however, admit that the new design was sleek and attractive.

Windows is scheduled for release tomorrow, so you can see for yourself what you think of the operating system. Personally, I find that the "typical windows user" isn't the most computer savvy out there, so this may all be a bit exaggerated.

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