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Windows 8 hacked, Games unlocked


A Nokia engineer has found some exploits in Windows 8 that will allow games to be pirated, cracked and the likes.

If there's a will there's a way, and if there's a hack, it will be found. Nokia engineer Justin Angel posted on his twitter, "Research done. Writing my next blog post: 'Hacking Windows 8 Games." And that he did. 

Windows 8 came out in late October, but hackers and crackers never cease to make haste. Justin Angel, in this case, was the vanguard in this literal breakthrough. He mentions the flaws of the Windows Store, which, to a novice would slip the eye and likely be beyond skill, but to a moderate techie, would be like striking gold. Microsoft allegedly stored (and may still store) the key/hash in plaintext! That's not all. According to Mr. Angel, they also stored the algorithm to both encrypt and decrypt the data alongside the app! He remarks, "storing encrypted data locally, alongside the algorithm and the algorithm key/hash is a recipe for security incidents." With this information, hackers could alter the permissions of the app to unlock full game modes from within a trial app, as well as remove advertisements and unlock in-app purchases.

Though he did not condone the unethical exploitation, he did outline the steps of the compromise on his blog, which, at this point, is not available. It is believed that excess traffic has made the site jam. Microsoft is aware of the exploit, however. It's not just MS who is worried on resolving the issue. Windows 8 game developers are also quite fretful. Microsoft had better get to working before more hackers get to playing.


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