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Windows 8 app store rapidly hits 100k app mark

It didn’t take that long, but Microsoft has finally reached the 100k app mark for its Windows 8 app store.

In this particular segment, Microsoft has paced itself to beat Apple’s Mac App Store, which has only around 15k apps after 2.5 years.  The contest in desktop is still largely in favor of Microsoft, but if we switch to mobility in the realms of iPad and smartphone, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android is still leading by a hefty margin.  However, Microsoft is attempting to unify the code base for developing apps so that apps can run across multiple platforms without too much fuss, and so this may eventually help to close the gap even more between itself and other platforms like Android and iOS.



Windows RT, on the other hand, is still struggling to become a household brand, as many still consider app support for this platform as inadequate.  Regardless, it seems like Microsoft will continue to push RT with its Windows RT 8.1 update.

App growth for the Windows 8 app store may be rapid, but adoption rate of its media consuming hardware—the Surface—is still relatively slow.  The company is purportedly in the process of testing a new Surface which features Qualcomm’s chipset.  Also in the works are smaller budget Windows tablets with display sizes that are around 7-inch from partnering OEMs.

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