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Windows 8.1 final to have Skype built-in, Messaging app to be shown the door

Microsoft to include Skype as a built-in app in the final build of their new Windows 8.1 OS. Messaging app will get kicked out the door.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Skype

Looks like Microsoft will finally make full use of the massive acquisition of Skype that the company made nearly 2 years ago. The final build of Windows 8.1 OS will include Skype as a built-in app. Yes, this means that the current ‘Messaging’ app will be shown the door, but we are completely okay with deeper Skype integration instead.

The tighter integration of Skype into Windows 8.1 will bring improvements in the app, such as allowing the user (you) to answer voice or video calls right from the Windows lock screen. While Skype cannot fully replace ‘Messaging’ (there are differences between the apps), the built-in version of Skype will be nothing but the full program itself, only now it’ll be a system app and will have tie ups with many other services and apps within the OS. ‘Messaging’ is getting the kick as a part of Microsoft’s “Messenger service retirement” drive.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Skype integration

The final version of Windows 8.1, expected to ship later this year, will bring all the new features to 7-inch, 7.85-inch, 8-inch tablets which are expected to make an appearance later this year as well (the first 8-inch Acer Iconia W8 is already out).

via The Verge

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