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Windows 7 SP1: Now available for download

Do you see that Update button hiding inside the Control Panel in your copy of Windows 7? Well, now is the best time to actually start making use of it if you have not been doing so. That is because Microsoft has just released the highly-awaited SP1 update for its popular operating system for public download. 

Well, everybody asked for it, and it would seem that Microsoft has finally delivered. Remember the few stories we ran about the highly overdue SP1 update for Microsoft's current-generation operating system, Windows 7? Yep, it seems that the day has finally come for all Windows 7 users to hit the 'Check for Updates' button on Microsoft/Windows Update and start patching the world's most popular operating system against from the few security vulnerabilities that it has been exposed to in the past year of its life.

As we have stated before, SP1 for Windows 7 does not offer any new user-centric features, so you might want to shelf all expectations of seeing some random new option pop up in Windows 7's Control Panel after applying the update. That being said, what you should preparing yourself for when you reach home today is a very, very long updating process. According to Microsoft, the 32-bit version of SP1` for Windows 7 sports an astronomical package size of 755MB, while the 64-bit version throws all notion of size out the window with a combined size of 1GB.

Needless to say, you will want to hit the 'Update Now' button and leave your PC or notebook on overnight while Windows does its work uninterrupted. Here's hoping your ISP is up to the task of dealing with larger-than-usual data consumptions tonight: after all, nobody wants to see the dreaded 'Service Pack failed to install' error message, right?

Source: Microsoft

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