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Windows 10 RTM build nearly wrapped up ahead of general dispatch

With only three weeks left until the first wave of Win 10 deliveries hits, it’s time Microsoft suspended and fully stabilized betas.

Windows 10

Redmond has insisted lately on the continuously updating aspect of its newest desktop operating system iteration, but apart from the Insider program, where tinkerers and power users can test buggy previews before they’re ironed out, the masses need “final”, smooth software for their delicate home and work PCs.

The initial RTM (release to manufacturing) Windows 10 version is reportedly just about done, and several dependable sources tell us the candidates will be fully assessed by the end of the week. According to WinBeta, one of these shortlisted applicants is build 10176, which should be rounded up to a number ending in 0 if it makes the cut.

Remember, back in October 2014, when the open preview scheme kicked off, the label was a lowly 6.4.9841. In January of this year, the designating digit combination leapt to 10.0.9926 and, since then, we’ve been looking at a gradual hike, culminating with versions 10.0.10158, 10.0.10159 and 10.0.1012, all three sent to “insiders” last week.

Windows 10 release date

Now, rumor has it MS may jump all the way to 10.0.10400 for the piece of software non-geeky consumers will receive starting July 29, thus signaling glitches and general instability are behind the platform for good.

The Verge mostly corroborates WinBeta’s speculations, adding that PC makers should get an early look at the polished program next week. Afterwards, even if minor bugs are discovered, Microsoft should go ahead with the “general release”, since small updates will regularly take care of everything, as part of a new user devotion-seeking tactic.

At the same time, more essential features, add-ons and services could routinely spruce up Windows 10, allowing the world’s most popular desktop OS to fend off Apple’s rising Mac OS threat. Fingers crossed it all gets off on the right foot three weeks from tomorrow.

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