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Windows 10 reportedly crosses 50 million activations already

Microsoft’s free upgrade program and the uncharacteristic stability of the new desktop OS build off the bat seem to more than make up for past mistakes.

Windows 10

Forget the Windows 8 flop and 8.1’s inability to fix everything that didn’t work after 7. Redmond gave 110 percent to justify the two-step leap in W10’s market name, and for once, the tech titan’s efforts paid off.

14 million curious PC enthusiasts tested the “universal” operating system the very day this was released to the general public, according to the only statement issued on the matter by Microsoft, and now, the number may be up to over 50 million.

The information comes from a reputable albeit not foolproof source, i.e. WinBeta’s Zac Bowden, but it’s unclear if the figure covers squarely Windows 10 “copies” currently in use. It could also include those who tried the OS on for size and gave it up to go back to 7 or 8.1 due to various glitches.

Desktop OS market share

Yes, bugs are occasionally part of the deal, regardless of the fantastic work put into smoothing out everything ahead of July 29, which is why MS already rolled out three cumulative maintenance updates. Cumulative meaning that if you missed the first two waves, you can just pull the third goodie package and relax.

Though nowhere near as specific as WinBeta, StatCounter GS attests to Windows 10’s phenomenally quick rise as well, tallying the new software flavor at 6.55 percent on August 16, narrowly behind OS X and comfortably in front of Windows 8.

10’s slice of the North American pie is even greater, namely 8.14 percent, but the gap to OS X looks pretty hard to overturn in weeks. In a few months, we’re fairly certain this will leap to third place both globally and stateside, and the activation count should easily exceed 100 mil.

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