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Windows 10 gets off to flying start in terms of install numbers and market share

According to anonymous inside sources, the newest build of Microsoft’s desktop OS has already racked up 18 million users, while StatCounter gauges the platform’s market share at almost 3 percent worldwide.

Windows 10

Windows Vista, Linux and Chrome OS. Those are the names of the PC operating systems exceeded in popularity by Windows 10 within the latter’s first five days of general availability. Not impressed, given the three don’t exactly qualify for reasonable mainstream acclaim nowadays?

How about if we told you Win 10 is less than a percentage point behind version 8 in global stats harvested on August 3? Meanwhile, in North America, the “universal” OS is nearly ready to move past XP in fourth place overall after crushing Vista and 8.

Granted, 2.74 and 3.65 percent scores reported on a global scale and in America respectively don’t feel remarkable per se. But they’re progressively growing, from 2.47 and 3.57 percent on August 1, and if the surge pace can be retained, Apple’s OS X is in great danger.

Windows 10 share

At first glance, Windows 8.1 and XP’s spots on the general podium look safe for the foreseeable future, but you have to keep in mind most PC enthusiasts interested in Win 10 hail from the current user bases of older platform iterations. Especially 8.1. And 7, but at over 54 percent, the industry leader is truly impossible to edge out for months, perhaps years to come.

If you want Windows 10’s early adoption numbers “translated”, WinBeta claims to be in contact with unnamed insightful Microsoft officials. These point to around 18 million installs completed by Sunday, August 2, and a rate of roughly 1,000 new launches per minute.

Translation – the 20 mil milestone should be very nigh, while outlandish rumored achievements of 67 or 70M are utopian dreams at the moment. Still, Windows 10 feels like a definite smash hit… compared to 8 and 8.1.

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