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Will the budget Apple iPhone Lite take a chunk out of the low-cost phone market?

We’ve been dealing with the near endless budget Apple iPhone Lite leaks, but nobody has cared to sit and think, what impact will such a phone have on the market? Well, let’s see if we can make a breakthrough there. Plus, we have a new round of leaked images which shows the back cover of the iPhone Lite.

Low cost iPhone green shell

The Apple iPhone Lite, or the “budget” Apple iPhone has been on the tip of every tech enthusiast’s tongue from the past many weeks. Not only because this product will be the first ever “budget” device produced and sold by Apple, but for the impending market share that the iPhone Lite will eat into. A $349 iPhone Lite 16 GB model is all but official, but who will take the bite to give some market share away to Apple?

At that price range, devices which could get affected most severely are the Google Nexus 4, and other phones priced around $300. I said “could” because the Nexus 4 is a class hardware and for someone to not pick the flagship Nexus 4 over a budget iPhone is downright foolish in my opinion. Devices like the Galaxy S4 Mini, HTC One Mini are the ones who will be on the receiving end of the fire. Despite these Android devices being priced considerably higher, the lower cost iPhone would dominate based on similar form factor and the Apple brand name that it exudes, no matter if technical specifications are inferior. And if the iOS works as buttery smooth as any other iPhone, a user couldn’t go wrong with his decision on sticking with an Apple product. I personally would, but then again, I would have bought the Nexus 4 instead.

Gallery Credit: Weibo

Similarly, Windows Phone offerings like the Lumia 720 lose their value-for-money tag the moment you would compare it to an iPhone. While $350 sounds like a nice deal for a mid-range Lumia 720, it’s a no-brainer to pick the more superior Nexus 4, or even the higher branded Apple iPhone Lite over it any day, especially when all devices are priced at the same point. Now it’s a totally different story if you’re a Windows Phone fan…

So where does that leave the budget iPhone Lite? As a killer of these new ‘Mini’ phones, but one who will not be able to make a dent to high-end phones like the Nexus 4. Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) devices like the Nexus 4 aren’t plenty, and the iPhone is more of a mid-range device than a low-cost one which will bring 2012 technology repackaged as a cheap(er) product. Ultimately, it all boils down to brand preference. Would you pick a Galaxy S4 Mini which costs 1.5x the budget Apple iPhone Lite once both products hit the market? No? Thought so.

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