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Briefly listed on B&H America’s website (then hastily taken down), this mysterious soundbase from Sonos seems to confirm a previous FCC listing, and some other pictures that were leaked on Twitter in the last couple of days. Clearly we’re not looking at another sound bar here, but a speaker pedestal that your TV sits on top of, to save space! Dubbed PlayBase, it seems to share the same connectivity options as the PlayBar, comprising of an Ethernet LAN and Optical Cable inputs – which isn’t much! It does not seem to have an analogue audio input jack either.

Image Captured By: Aaron T.
Image Captured By: Aaron T.

This leak may have fired up the Internet, but no one can quite comment on its features or sound quality yet. We only know that the PlayBase integrates with your existing Sonos streamers and will drastically enhance your TV’s sound. And, with Virtual Assistant support coming later this year, you’ll have one more way to interact with Alexa!

The PlayBase may also intrigue those looking at the PlayBar but are put off by its broad space requirements. We don’t have any details other than what was leaked. But, what we do know is that soundbases generally deliver inferior sound quality compared to proper sound bars. And, the larger your screen size, the more likely your TV won’t sit well due to its wider table-stand. Typical sound bases cannot be mounted either, so if your TV exceeds a certain size, you will have to mount your TV and leave the speaker sitting below.

The Sonos PlayBase was to retail for S$994 (US$700) before it was taken down, much more than other soundbases, and just a stone’s throw from the PlayBar. Here’s hoping that we can link it up with a Sonos Sub and a couple of Play:1s for that home theatre experience!

Via: Whathifi

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