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White Panasonic G3 and GF3 system cameras shows up in Japan

“When in doubt, make a white version of it” seems to be the credo many consumer electronics manufacturers abide by in recent months, and from the looks of it, Panasonic is the latest such player to have bought into the aforementioned saying. Apparently, a quick visit to Panasonic's Japan site reveals that the company has officially unveiled its plans to introduce a white version of its G3 DSLR and GF3 micro Four Thirds system cameras.

Now that Apple has its white iPhone 4 and Samsung has its white Galaxy S, it seems that even camera manufacturers are starting to get into the practice of producing an additional white variant of their products to offer up for sale in the market. And from the the looks of it, Panasonic is all ready to jump onto the bandwagon, especially if the announcement of its plans to introduce white variants of its G3 and GF3 cameras are of any indication.

According to the official report posted by Panasonic (in Japanese), the white versions of the G3 and GF3, being identical to their standard-coloured counterparts, will share the same features and specifications sported by the latter. For the GF3, this means having access to the same tiny body, operating modes and built-in flash, while the white G3 will gain access to the same 0.1 second AF lock timing, as well as its ability to record 1080p videos with full autofocus found in the black G3, among many others.

Panasonic has not released any details about pricing for the white G3 and GF3 cameras, although the company did confirm that the products will be made available for sale come October 13 this year.

Source: Panasonic Japan

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