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White HTC 8X coming soon?

It’s a bit trivial when you consider the fact that HTC released just about every common color of its HTC 8X device possible—except white.  That may all change, however, because a recent Tweet by HTC is hinting at an eventual release of a white variant of its fairly popular Windows Phone 8 device.

Currently, the available color variations of the 8X include black, blue, red and yellow.  A white version of the 8X would have shown up eventually, but the fact that a white variant wasn’t in the initial selections was a bit puzzling from a consumer point of view.

However, the white HTC 8X may soon be coming to a carrier retailer near you as a recent Twitter post by HTC had two girls showing off what seems to be the white variant of HTC’s popular Windows Phone 8 device.

The Taiwan-based handset maker is experiencing fair growth in terms of Windows Phone 8 sales.  It’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device, the HTC 8X, has been a very competitive device when considering its main role was to give Nokia’s Lumia 920 a run for its money.  Nokia criticized HTC for essentially “copying” the Lumia’s design when it unveiled the 8X.  All the rivalry aside, HTC is doing whatever it takes to stay competitive in the smartphone market, even though its Android-based handsets have slipped somewhat last year and this year.

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