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Whatsapp Stickers Have Finally Arrived

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging platform, but it lacks something many – if not all its competitors have. Stickers. Good news is, they are here at last!

Whatsapp stickers come with the most recent updates: 2.18.100 and 2.18.329 for iOS and Android respectively. Users will need to update to these versions in order to view, use and create stickers.

The sticker feature launched with 12 free packs including classics from Facebook Messenger like ‘Biscuit’, ‘Koko’ and ‘Shiba Inu’. I personally think the 12 packs aren’t very versatile and are not that cute with the exception of ‘Hatch’ of course.

Sticker enthusiasts need not fear though, hints of popular stickers like the Sugar Cubs have polled their fans on whether they would like to see Latte and Mocha (the Sugar Cub characters) on Whatsapp so it’s only a matter of time before we get to use them.

The sticker interface is easy to use and is quite similar to the one on Messenger. The only thing that’s missing here is a search function. You also have a tab for your favourite stickers and tabs that contain different stickers for different emotions for quick sticker reacting. For those who enjoy making their own stickers, like in Telegram, this feature is still unavailable and probably will be for a long long time.

In the meantime though, check out third-party apps for sticker creation like ‘Sticker Maker for Whatsapp’. Additionally, if you’re not too happy with the current selection, there are always apps like ‘KawaiiSticker’ that allow you to copy their stickers and send them as images on WhatsApp, though this method is pretty troublesome and really not worth the cuteness.

That’s it for this report. I know I’m waiting for Qoobee Agapi stickers, what about you?

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