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WhatsApp officially comes to the web

WhatsApp can now be accessed from the web through a few simple steps. 

WhatsApp officially comes to the web

WhatsApp on a PC. That is something a lot of users have been wishing for since a long time, but it’s something the Facebook-owned company has refused to offer to the millions of folks that are using its service. But there have been rumors and leaks suggesting a web/PC of WhatsApp was in the works, and it seems they were all true, as WhatsApp has finally arrived on the desktop in an official form.

Instead of launching a desktop client, WhatsApp has launched a website that basically mirrors all the conversations on a user’s phone as long as they are using Google’s Chrome browser. Users need to scan a QR code on their phone after installing the latest version of WhatsApp, which then starts showing all their chats and messages on the web, as long as both the phone and computer are connected to the internet.

Sadly, iOS users have been left out of the loop, as “Apple platform limitations” apparently make it impossible for the current method of connecting a phone to the web interface to work. Furthermore, only Chrome is supported, meaning users of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox will have to stick to their phones for now, though this will hopefully be something the company will address down the line.

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