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New Lifesaving Features Coming To Whatsapp


I use Whatsapp on a daily basis and I kick myself every time I send typo-laden nonsense to my friends early in the morning. As someone with psychomotor challenges, the upcoming ‘Unsend Message’ feature might actually save my shrinking social circle.

Basically, you have five minutes to realise and retract embarrassing texts you’ve drunkenly sent out. Following that, the sent message is permanent and you may have to assume a separate identity by exclaiming, ‘I didn’t do it! It was (insert imaginary person)!’

Also coming is a new feature called ‘Change Number’. (Who comes up with these names?) Whatsapp can automatically notify all your contacts if you ever need to (of course) change your number. For old-schoolers, you can broadcast your new number manually and leave the new feature deactivated in the settings menu.

These new features are pretty swell, but they’re not new! Telegram already has these tricks up their sleeve, so it’s safe to assume that Whatsapp is trying to play catch up to its biggest rival. I have both on my phone, and I hate to say that most of my friends use Telegram!

These features are still in beta and there’s no confirmation yet whether they will be made official in Whatsapp’s next big iOS/Android update.

(Via: The Independent)

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