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WhatsApp for iOS 7 captured on video

The updated WhatsApp for iOS 7 is yet to be released, but a video showing off the unreleased app has already surfaced online.


WhatsApp hasn’t said exactly when the updated app is going to be rolled out. It has been a couple of months since Apple released iOS 7 and since then majority of the popular apps have been updated to primarily reflect the user interface changes that Apple has made in its latest iOS firmware update. There has been talk about a WhatsApp update particularly for iOS 7 but one hasn’t surfaced as of now. The video showing off said app is in German, it isn’t mentioned exactly where the person got this unreleased app from.

[youtube id=”Da1c9wtMAGk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

By looking at the video which runs about three minutes and 50 seconds, WhatsApp for iOS 7 won’t come with any new major features, rather the only changes that seem to have been made are cosmetic. All the rest appears to be just the same as on the existing WhatsApp for iOS version. The app has the dark keyboard that quite a lot of users have come to appreciate in various iOS 7 apps, so this should make users happy if it makes the final cut.

It is said that WhatsApp for iOS 7 will be compatible with the firmware’s background refresh feature, meaning that app content will be kept updated even when its in the background. WhatsApp for iOS 7 will supposedly be released before Black Friday.

Source: iDownloadblog

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