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Western Digital establishes R&D centre in Singapore

The next time you head out to a computer shop to purchase a Western Digital (WD) product, don't be surprised if you find out that part of the technology used to develop the company's storage devices hails from Singapore's very own laboratories. This is because the American hard disk manufacturer has just announced the establishment of a research and development centre in Singapore with the partnership of our country's A*STAR Data Storage Institute (DSI).

Do you make heavy use of Western Digital (WD) products in your daily computing and entertainment life? If so, this latest bit of information direct from the American manufacturer of hard disks should be just the news you need to perk up your Friday night after a hard day's work, and that is not because WD is about to start giving away a bunch hard disks as free gifts.

Rather, the good news comes from the fact WD has just announced in a media conference held at A*STAR Data Storage Institute (DSI) that it has established a research and development centre right here in sunny Singapore. This new centre, which is situated in the Singapore Science Park,  will facilitate the leveraging of the local talent pool and expertise of research organizations/

In his opening address, Western Digital's Chief Operating Officer, Timothy Leyden, spoke about how the humble hard disk has withstood the test of time, while describing the significance of entering such a strategic partnership with the DSI.

"Hard drive technology is remarkable, and it is true nanotechnology. Being more than 50 years old and US$35 billion strong, the hard disk drive industry has survived and thrived because it invested in talented people, built a robust supply chain and has persevered and flourished when confronted with technological hurdles," he said, while adding that the partnership with the DSI "embodies this spirit". 

Leyden also explained the reason Western Digital had chosen Singapore to be the location for its new R&D centre instead of other developed countries, citing the country's infrastructure and location as key factors in the company's eventual decision.

"Singapore has built a treasure trove of engineering talent. This environment has produced an advanced technology research and human resource culture that makes Singapore an ideal location for investment," he said. 

In response, A*STAR's chairman, Lim Chuan Poh, praised Western Digital's well-deserved success in the data storage industry, while speaking about how he envisions the strategic partnership as one that greatly benefits both parties.

"Our magnetic media research team has built strong research capabilities since its inception in 1996, (and) further enhancing its strengths and capabilities in research is the state-of-the-art infrastructure over at DSI. The Master Research Collaboration Agreement signed today would give WD access to there facilities, as well as to the team of experienced researched in DSI in the magnetic media area," he said.

Last but definitely not least, the agreement was set in black and white when both Leyden and DSI executive director Dr Pantelis Alexopoulos inked their respective signatures onto the documents presented before them.

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