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The West needs to wait: Asus ZenWatch gets limited November run in Taiwan

Guess it’s safe to say Apple, Motorola and LG aren’t the only smartwatch manufacturers having trouble with pushing their wearable devices to stores worldwide.

Asus ZenWatch

Let’s be honest, we never expected Asus to knock our socks off with their debut Android Wear watch. Not when they insisted in the pre-release buildup on the thing’s affordability. Which is great, don’t get us wrong, but only if it comes without critical compromises in the hardware and aesthetical departments.

Incredibly enough, the OEM that’s still trying to find its footing in the smartphone décor somehow pulled off a timepiece that, on paper, could well be the biggest threat to Apple Watch’s seemingly unavoidable dominance.

For a little over half its price, the ZenWatch offers on-par RAM and internal storage and a Snapdragon 400 processor that’s going to be mighty hard to overpower. Plus, a beautiful curved AMOLED touchscreen, easily replaceable straps, leather included, and, oh, let’s not forget about the arguably winning design.

I mean, sure, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but if you’re not salivating when checking out the looks of the Asus ZenWatch, you’re probably from outer space or something. Bottom line, the ZenWatch has it all, or so it seemed back when it made its public debut at IFA.


Now, we’re starting to hear whispers of component shortages possibly causing delays and very limited bows in Asian stores. Very, very limited. Like, 300 units limited. No, we didn’t omit a zero (or three), that’s exactly how many pieces our sister Chinese website says will be initially up for grabs in Taiwan.

Next month, that is, with no words on a local stock refill or spread to other territories. Wow, this isn’t the first “experimental” device to hit the market in short supply, but 300?!? That’s crazy short. What’s up with that, is Jonney Shih building these himself from scratch? By hand?

Hopefully, the story proves a nightmarish rumor and Asus allows its gorgeous smart wearable the right to dream. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but to hope is to live.

Source: Chinese VR-Zone

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