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Welcome to the past: clamshell Samsung Galaxy Golden goes official with Android 4.2

Flip phones, or handhelds with clamshell designs, might be considered a thing of the (distant) past in America or Europe, but it appears they’re still in demand in parts of Asia. Or at least that’s what Samsung wants to think.


We’ve seen not one, but two Samsung-made clamshell Androids featured in the rumor mill of late, both of which have become official in the past week. First, there was the SCH-W789, aka Hennessy, which was introduced in China and will likely never cross the country’s borders.

Earlier today, the Galaxy Golden was also unveiled with pretty solid fanfare. This fella is set to go on sale “soon” in Korea and, just like its distant cousin, is unlikely to ever make its way to Western shores.

Unlike the Hennessy though, which looked kind of bland (even for flip phone standards), the Galaxy Golden is being advertised as a “premium” device. How can a clamshell be premium? Simple, it’s coated in champagne gold.

Before rolling your eyes and call Sammy pretentious, do keep in mind that, according to numerous reports across the web, Apple is planning to very soon intro a gold iPhone 5S. And do you want to bet the tech world will applaud Cupertino for its “innovative” talents and out-of-the-box thinking then?


Anyhow, Samsung’s biggest problem with the GGolden might not be the phone’s obsolete design or pompous coloring scheme. Instead, extravagant pricing is likely to cripple any chances of success this thing might have had, as we’re hearing Koreans will be charged 799,700 won for it, or $720.

What do you get for that massive pile of dough aside from what’s obvious to the naked eye? Dual 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreens with 800 x 480 pixels resolution, a dual-core 1.7 GHz CPU (likely part of the Snapdragon 400 family), 8 MP and 1.9 MP cameras, 4G LTE support, pre-loaded Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

That’s a lot better than what China got with the Hennessy, but if you ask me far too little for over 700 bucks. Who’s with me?

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