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With hundreds of Vendors and Exhibitors, there is a little bit of everything at every CES. Some of it is an awe-inspiring look into the future. Some are more grounded but just as interesting looks into the year ahead. However, there are several products which are just weird for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s because of a design choice, or due to its incredibly niche appeal. Since VR is now officially a major technology, there were plenty of, shall we say, interesting peripherals on show this year. Here are some of the most bizarre offerings of this year’s CES.

1. Cerevo VR shoes

Image courtesy: Kotaku

Haptic feedback has been bandied about as a necessity for the next stage of immersive VR. After all, what’s better than feeling your enemies you punch. Cerevo has taken this on board, but to another extreme with their Taclim VR shoes. The instructions are in the name; you stick them on and you can feel the surface of your VR world. Cool, Right? Well it if does tickle your fancy, it will set you back a good S$1435 to S$2153. Expensive enough, but amazingly enough these are being marketed as peripherals for Google’s Daydream headset, at least initially. Maybe the thinking is that the savings will be passed on to the buyer? Either way, this very real product is coming out later this year.

2. Kerastase Hair Coach

We’ve already covered this remarkable device. There isn’t much else to say about the product, other than it’s still funny to think of a hairbrush with a microphone integrated into it. Pity however that L’Oreal and Withings focused on its ability to train you how to brush your hair better and not capitalise on the bedroom karaoke market. Apparently, it works quite well, but finding someone willing to spend S$288 on a hairbrush might be challenging.

3. Vinci headphones


No, you are not seeing things, those are headphones with touch screens on the side. Vinci, which were a Kickstarter success story last year, have decided that the logical step forward with handsfree is to make your headphones standalone media devices. It’s voice activated, has onboard storage space for all your music and most interestingly has wireless charging capabilities. However, it’s still in the development stage, and no release dates have been forthcoming. Still, Vinci has received a lot of praise from those who have given it a go, so let’s see what comes out of it.

4. Powervision: PowerEgg

Some weird bits of tech on this list you can eventually see the point behind once you employ some lateral thinking. The same cannot be said of this really bizarre product from Powervision. It’s, when you really boil it down, a flying egg. Yes, they say its gesture-controlled, but it’s still egg-shaped. Even worse, it’s a S$1440 floating egg. Anyone who buys this either as a gift or for themselves has far too much money lying around.

5. Denso Ecology Shoe

Image courtesy: CNET

This is without a doubt the prime example of science going too far. Japanese company Denso has a well-meaning policy apparently of having employees pitch concepts in a competition. This was one of the winners: A pair of shoes that are also a vacuum. Yes, you read that correctly. The shoes look hideous and whats worse, reports suggest that the vacuum isn’t worth much either. Thankfully this is not a consumer product. Otherwise, there would be someone out there who would think that this is a solid idea.

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