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Wealth of info revealed on HTC’s upcoming low-end H7 tablet

No connection to the Google-endorsed Nexus 9 launched last year, at least not as far as screen size, RAM count or processing power are concerned.

HTC Flyer

How little can two “siblings” have in common? If Indian import/export tracker Zauba is correct about HTC H7’s specifications, apparently almost nothing. Of course, this looming 7 incher, already “confirmed” by a couple of separate semi-credible sources, including Twitter serial leaker @upleaks, isn’t technically N9’s kin.

It’s related to it, but looks more like a weird “uncle” that drops out of nowhere at funerals and weddings and no one really remembers whose distant cousin he claims he is, nor do they have the heart to quiz him.

You know what? We’re going to do it. Question H7’s very purpose, that is. For crying out loud, doesn’t HTC have enough underperforming, underwhelming gadgets on its roster already? Is there need for another crappy, sluggish 1 GB RAM/Snapdragon 400/sub-Full HD tiny slate to add to the pile of entry-level LG G Pads, Asus MeMo Pads, Fire HDs, Toshiba Excite Gos, Dell Venues, etc., etc.?

HTC H7 Zauba

Probably not, especially as finding a sweet spot price-wise has become mission impossible of late. $150? Forget it. $100? Meh, been there, done bought that.

But wait, maybe the HTC H7 (not a final name, by the way) is set to offer cellular connectivity at sub-$150. Now, that actually sounds enticing and unusual, with dual SIM support (standard or optional, not sure yet) backed by Zauba’s records.

Full disclosure: the display’s pixel count isn’t listed, and neither is the quad-core 1.2 GHz CPU’s make and model. But you can safely bet the farm on 1,280 x 800 resolution, tops, and S400 (410, at best) power.

Meanwhile, a humble 1 gig of RAM is a near-guarantee, assuming no one messed with Zauba, plus 16 GB native storage and stuff like Android Lollipop software, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities. You know, the basics.

Source: WinFuture.de

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