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Watch Out, Rolex: Garmin Launches Marq Luxury Smart Watches in Singapore

Modelled after the very tool watches it was meant to compete against, Garmin’s latest Marq line of luxury smartwatches have many features that pitch it against some of the most venerable figures in the horological world.

Garmin’s Marq series, launched today in Singapore in conjunction with its 30th anniversary, consists of five devices – the Marq Diver, Marq Athlete, Marq Aviator, Marq Captain, and Marq Expedition. Each version is uniquely adapted to a primary field of adventure, and sport design cues that hail from the family of timepieces that share its heritage.

The Marq Expedition. Image: Ian Ling

All Marq watches share a ceramic bezel inlay that protects from wear and tear with its superb hardness. An always-on display ensures perfect legibility even in direct sunlight. Within, the Marq devices sport premium smartwatch functionality such as GPS, smart notifications, Garmin Pay, daily activity tracking and built-in music storage. They also support wrist-based heart rate monitoring along with Pulse Ox sensor.

Marq series watches deliver up to 12 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, 28 hours in GPS Mode and 48 hours in UltraTrac mode.

The Marq series of smartwatches also features its proprietary QuickFit interchangeable straps, meaning the watches are exceptionally versatile. Image: Ian Ling

Marq Driver (SGD 4,199)

The Marq Driver leads the pack with its SGD 4,199 price tag, and comes preloaded with 250 global racetrack maps. Built for racing enthusiasts, the Marq Driver is capable of performing auto lap splits, live delta time and a track timer that allows users to calculate the average speed of cars at a race track.

The Marq Driver. Image: Ian Ling

With its hybrid strap made from a titanium shell covering silicone inner links, the Marq Driver is superbly comfortable and highly breathable. The titanium is treated with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating that guards against scratches.

Marq Aviator (SGD 3,199)

Inspired by aviation watches, the Marq Aviator sports a luminous swept-wing design and a multi-link titanium bracelet with security clasp.

The Marq Aviator, showcasing the multiple time zone watch face. Image: Ian Ling

The Marq Aviator includes aviation maps and acts as an extra layer of security with on-board NEXRAD Weather Radar readout, airport information and Garmin cockpit integration. It also features airport code readout on the watch face.

True to its heritage, the Marq Aviator utilises a mirror-polished 24-hour GMT bezel to enable quick read-outs for two additional time zones.

The 24-hour bezel on the Marq Aviator is reminiscent of the aviation watches in history. Image: Ian Ling

Marq Captain (SGD 2,999)

The series takes a turn to the ocean with the Marq Captain. A regatta timer, the Marq Captain brings with it GPS connectivity, along with dedicated nautical and seafaring features such as a regatta timer bezel, coastal charts, tack assist and an in-built port conditions watch face to ensure the utmost preparedness and safety.

With its bold colour scheme, the Marq Captain also displays key information for seafarers. Image: Ian Ling

In addition, the Marq Captain also showcases the current wind speed, temperature and tide information, enabling seafarers to better gauge climate conditions.

A custom-made, unique jacquard weave strap keeps to the nautical theme, and is sourced specially from the South of France. It boasts resilience even in harsh seabound environments.

With all the tech packed into the Marq series of smartwatches, the devices are noticeably thicker than their counterparts. Image: Ian Ling

Marq Expedition (SGD 2,799)

Built for climbers, hikers and explorers, the Marq Expedition offers TOPO mapping, along with essential navigational tools like an in-built altimeter, barometer and compass.

The Marq Expedition, displaying the information fields on its display. Image: Ian Ling

For mountaineers, the Marq Expedition offers ClimbPro, which delivers up-to-date information on climbs such as gradient, distance and elevation gain. The watch is also compatible with the inReach Mini satellite communicator, and can control the communicator to send and receive messages remotely.

The waxed stitching on the Marq Expedition. Image: Ian Ling

Its tanned Italian Vachetta leather strap is vegetable-tanned, and is untreated, finish to a high degree of softness, and is stitched with waxed cords for protection from the elements.

Marq Athlete (SGD 2,499)

To cap off the Marq lineup, the Marq Athlete specially caters to its unique audience of runners and athletes. With an ultralight form-factor in its titanium chassis and airy silicone strap, the Marq Athlete looks as natural on the track and at a formal event.

The Marq Athlete is designed to be lightweight and functional. Image: Ian Ling

The Marq Athlete features advanced running metric read-outs like VO2 Max, recovery time scale, running dynamics and

The Marq Athlete demonstrates legibility even without the backlight on. Image: Ian Ling

Marq series watches will be available at All Watches outlets at Bugis Junction, Wisma Atria, Chinatown Point and Waterway Point.

Ian Ling
Ian is the resident Tech Monkey and Head of Content at VR Zone. His training in Economics and Political Science is at the basis of his love for journalism and storytelling. A photographer by passion, and an audiophile by obsession, Ian is captivated by all forms of tech that makes enthusiasts tick.

2 thoughts on “Watch Out, Rolex: Garmin Launches Marq Luxury Smart Watches in Singapore

  1. Brian

    Not bad.
    But i dont think i personally could deal with a watch i have to charge close to every day, unlike phones which i can not get off my person fast enough and so often forget it, then a watch i only take off to put on another watch ( and thats rare cuz the other watch ( IWC )i have are really a too expensive watch for a never millionaire like me, and for sure it would make me a prime target for the trick thieves flooding Danish streets this part of the year )

  2. Marq Aviator (SGD 3,199) is the one I am looking for. It’s style just made me mad for it.

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