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Watch Dogs trailer leaks before E3

Watch_Dogs hype continues to grow and grow, even without E3. The game already looks like GTA for the hacking world and Game of the Year material. The sprawling but realistic worlds, the cool gameplay, the chance of mischief, all come together to show how our future could be truly screwed. A leaked E3 trailer was uploaded only a few hours ago, before being pulled from YouTube. Mirrors were made around the web including DailyMotion and Vimeo, which can be seen below.

The new trailer begins with a regular man texting his loved one only to have the message disappear when our hacking protagonist makes the scene. The hacker tells us via voice over that all he needs is “four seconds and a clear signal” and he’s in. We see a few more examples of his handy work, including a chat room being unsecured and taking over a bank teller machine. He shows off his skills and how he likes to rub his work in other people’s faces.


A billboard shows how great the high surveillance world is with “17% less crime,” but we know that’s not true. We see the regular man enter a club where men eat sushi off a woman’s back and probably take in some lewd behaviour. A symbol, which looks a bit like the Playstation Move logo, is seen throughout the trailer. The hacker than proceeds to break into the club and cause some real chaos, both physically and digitally.

The entire trailer is pre-rendered but gives a good idea of the kind of gameplay that could be experienced during  Watch_Dogs. The game’s new trailer will be shown during E3 later this week and we’re sorry we kinda spoiled it for you. Watch_Dogs will be released November 21st of this year for PC, PS3, 360 and Wii U. Next-gen versions have been announced but no official dates given yet.

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