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Watch Dogs arrives next year!

Ubisoft has revealed that it's upcoming game Watch Dogs, one of the most promising games of this year's E3, is going to be released next year for current gen consoles.

In Ubisoft's financial call yesterday, it was revealed that the upcoming game Watch Dogs, will be coming out next year to current gen consoles and pc. This isn't the first time we've heard this information: The promise of a 2013 release was tweeted by Ubisoft earlier, but the tweet was deleted afterwards. Having the announcement made in an official statement though, garners more validity to it.

Screenshot from E3's gameplay demo


Watch Dogs has been under development since 2010, and impressed at the E3 expo earlier this year, where it became one of the big surprises of the show. Watch Dogs'  defining gameplay feature is the use of hacking throughout the game's open world environment. By tapping phones, redirecting traffic lights and all manner of other things, the player can turn the world around them into a useful tool or weapon. If it works well, it may be a very interesting game. Check out below for a gameplay demo:


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