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Watch and learn, Apple: Oppo’s future wearable will charge up in five minutes

And yes, we’re talking a full-fledged, fancy, “premium” smartwatch with Android Wear running the software show.

Oppo smartwatch

It’s odd, but with mere hours left until the re-introduction of the hotly anticipated Apple Watch, the rumor mill just can’t stop churning out intel in regards to rivaling devices. Compare this commotion with the typical silence on the Android front whenever Cupertino gears up to launch a new iPhone or iPad, and you’ll find Google and its partners aren’t as fearful.

No wonder, since the “iWatch” fails to innovate on a concept decently executed by Motorola or LG at a fraction of the price. And even if battery life has been improved at the last minute, this underwhelming, uber-hyped concoction can’t possibly eclipse the Pebble Time and Time Steel.

Plus, if it’s novelty you’re looking for, you’re much better served waiting for the Chinese smartwatch invasion. Started off with a bang by Huawei, this should see Oppo pioneer a piece of rapid-charging tech like no other.

Rumor has it Oppo’s soon-to-be first Android Wear gadget will go from 0 to 100 percent energy in just five minute. 300 seconds. Obviously, nothing’s certain until it’s certain. I.e., in a few weeks, when the Snapdragon 810/4 GB RAM-powered Find 9 smartphone is also expected out.

What we’re pretty sure of is this little company’s rookie wearable effort will bring something special to the market. It’s how Tony Chen & co. roll, especially after the local rise of OnePlus or Xiaomi. Though virtually unknown to mainstream Western consumers, the Asian mobile up-and-comers have been responsible for rotating cameraphone breakthroughs, optical zoom advances and sapphire spreads, among others.

All in all therefore, it’s likely Oppo has a blazingly fast charging smartwatch in the pipeline, perhaps with wireless juice-loading functions and long-lasting autonomy.

Source: Gizchina

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