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Warranty on Sapphire cards gets upgraded to three years in Taiwan

Lobbying by a retailer due to customer demand helped drive move to longer warranties.


Sapphire has adopted the industry norm of offering a three year warranty on its add in boards, but only in Taiwan for now.

Most add-in board manufacturers such as Asus and EVGA offer a three year warranty, with exceptions for damage caused by overclocking or power surges. There once was a period when XFX, a favorite brand amongst overclockers and modders, offered “double lifetime” warranties, but this ended in 2012. Sapphire was the notable exception from the three year club, for reasons that were never entirely clear.

According to VR-Zone’s sources, Sapphire will begin to roll out the changes in the second half of 2014. No price changes are expected as a result of this change.

Below are the list of cards which will be eligible for the new warranty. Prices are in Taiwan dollars:


It’s not known at this time if Sapphire will extend the three year warranty offer to other markets. Reportedly Sapphire changed its warranty policy as a result of lobbying from a Taiwanese retailer.

With files from Chinese VR-Zone.

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