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Walkabout in SLS (18-3-2006)

This weekly article would fill you in with the latest product arrivals. This week, we’ll be looking at NVIDIA’s latest line of 7600GT and 7900 family of cards. Also included, a closer look at the XBOX 360 console!

The IT SHOW 2006 had come and go over the last weekend and this week,
we return to Sim Lim Square for the regular SLS walkabout. As usual,
you’ll find the latest and probably the most talked about products here in our
weekly coverage from Singapore’s biggest IT shopping mall.

This weekend marks the second weekend of the new NVIDIA 7600 and 7900 series.
Launched on the 9th of March 2006, these new cards first debuted at
the IT SHOW 2006. However, low initial shipments for a few major brands caused these cards to be quickly snapped up probably due to pre-order fulfillments on
the distributor/retailer’s side. This week, we have seen more of these cards
appearing on retail shelves. One such card to hit the retail stores is
the Leadtek Winfast PX7600GT. The card we’ve spotted happens to be the
vanilla version, with the standard 560MHz core and 700MHz memory (1400MHz
DDR). We’ve found this card at Fuwell going for a reasonable
price tag of just $ 349. Not too bad for a mid range 12 pipeline card.


The packaging of the Leadtek Winfast PX7600GT. As stated on
the large round sticker, this card comes with a 2 year distributor’s warranty.


The bare card itself. If you were to take a look at other brands, you’ll understand that all of these retail 7600GTs out there are all based on NVIDIA’s reference design. Thus, except for that sticker on the heatsink, everything else on the
card will be exactly identical.


These new 7600GTs comes with dual DVI outputs on top of the
standard TV output.


The heatsink is made up of folded copper fins as you can see
from this picture. These 7600GTs are made using the smaller 90nm process, resulting in cooler operating temperatures.


The Leadtek 7600GT comes with 256MB Samsung 1.4ns
GDDR3 memory, rated at 714MHz (1428Mhz DDR).


A back view of the Leadtek 7600GT. No major components are
placed here though.



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