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Wacom Announces New Lineup Of Tablets And Pens For 2017

Wacom, the Japanese company famous for their artist tablets, have announced their latest range of products for 2017. Everything from traditional artist tablets, to smart pens to interesting takes on notebooks, were shown off at a media event held 28 February. Wacom showed off the capabilities of several of their new devices and even had two artists using them. Considering the lack of artistic talent of most journalists who attended, it was good to see someone skilled use the tablets to their best potential.

Image courtesy: Wacom

The artistic potential was the big talking point Wacom pushed at the event. Alongside the various product launches, they announced a competition for aspiring artists, which will take place in May. If you’re interested, you can apply until 31 March. Winning the online part will mean being flown to Taiwan, to take part in a massive competition there. Winners from there get to be flown to Japan and visit an animation company and Wacom headquarters.

Image courtesy: Wacom

Aside from showcasing the new products and announcing the competition, Wacom took the time to announce their new slogan. Live. Dare. Create. While sounding very similar to a Julia Robert’s film, it encompasses the target consumers the company is trying to attract. Either a budding creator or a long-established artist, Wacom wants you to give their products a try. Here are the new series of tablets launching this year.

Bamboo Fineline Stylus

Image courtesy: Wacom

Wacom says that this pen has “8,000 points of pressure,” which is four times as much as the previous model. In practical terms, this makes it very sensitive to how much pressure you put on your pen when writing/drawing. As someone who hasn’t had much practice, it seems a little excessive, but for artists, this could make a significant difference. For Apple users, this pen will work with any device, and with several note-taking apps.

Bamboo tablets

Image courtesy: Wacom

Of all the tablets, this is the most fascinating that Wacom displayed. At face value, it looks like a standard pad of paper. In fact, you have to buy your own paper when that runs out. However, the fun trick happens with the included pen. Click a button, and what you write is instantly saved via a companion app onto your computer or phone. This kind of technology was what I needed back at university. The pen even acts like a normal ballpoint pen. This does mean that you need to refill it, and the Wacom representative did say that you had to get it from a Wacom retailer. However, the pen should last a good long while before requiring a refill.

Image courtesy: Wacom

These tablets come in two forms. The Folio has a protective cover and small slots for paper and business cards. Meanwhile, the Slate is a good solid device that can take a few knocks. Both can use pretty much any paper, and at SGD199 are an affordable option. They come in either A5 or A4 size.

Cintiq Pro

Image courtesy: Wacom

This is the type of tablet most will be familiar with. Main talking points are the HD screen and the very powerful Cintiq 2 pen, which Wacom says is a drastic improvement from the previous model. It includes a special pen holster with different types of nibs. For those most used to using different kinds of pens or pencils, this will be the best digital equivalent. Higher end models even include fingerprint scanning, if you want to add an extra level of security to your pad. Even better, the 16-inch variant has a 4k resolution and essentially removes the need to be connected to a computer while you’re sketching.

Intous Pro and Pro Paper

Image courtesy: Wacom

Of all the products apart from the Bamboo line, this is probably the most stand out. Primarily, it’s because you can you whatever pen or pencil you want on this tablet. Just attach a paper and start drawing. Once you’re done, a touch of the button and the sketch is sent via Bluetooth. The main difference between the standard Pro and the Pro Paper is that the latter saves sketches (up to 200) on the tablet itself. Useful for if you want to work away from your computer.

Image courtesy: Wacom

All of these products are available now in Singapore. Keep a lookout on VR Zone for review and more information about Wacom Products.

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