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Vuzix says its Smart Glasses will beat Google to market

When it comes to wearable computers much of the attention is being given to Google Project Glass, but they aren't the only ones trying to bring what some are calling the future of the computing market. One of those companies is a small company based out of Rochester, New York, called Vuzix; and they say their Smart Glasses will hit the marketplace this summer – well ahead of Google.

Anyone even remotely associated with the tech world will remember the skydiving antic wherein Google’s Sergey Brin hyped up the 2012 I/O attendees as the skydivers landed on the roof of the Moscone Center while wearing and streaming from Google Glasses prototypes.

As cool as that might have been for a presentation, Google still says that it is hard at work and don't expect to have the Google Glasses ready for market until the summer of 2014.

However, Google isn't the only company looking to bring this type of wearable computing to market. At this year's CES, one small Rochester-based company by the name of Vuzix demonstrated their Smart Glasses using the latest version of the Android operating system, but the real news was that they plan on having their Smart Glasses ready to go this summer and will be selling them for under $500.

Tom Simonite, writing for Technology Review, said that the 800 x 480 pixels Vuzix lens provides the wearer with a bright, clear image that was easy to focus on with the actual display resembling that of a four-inch phone screen held at arm's length.

The glasses attach to your head using the earpiece portion, and is controlled with Bluetooth using three buttons on the earpiece. It comes with 4GB of storage, GPS, Wi-Fi, and can shoot 720p video.

It will be interesting to see if Vuzix can meet its summer sales target. If Vuzix meets its target, what kind of pressures will that put on Google’s Glass project out the door?

via VentureBeat

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