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VR Zone On The Ground: CEF 2017 Brings The Latest Gadgets And Deals

VR Zone got a first peek at CEF 2017 to bring you updates from the latest IT show in town. Below you will find the latest and greatest from our own local home-grown companies, as well some other major international brands

Best of the Local Brands


Aftershock brought their new Prime-15 Max-Q edition to the show. Equipped with Nvidia’s lates Max-Q technology, Aftershock was able to squeeze the GTX 1070 into the same thin and light chassis, which originally launched with the GTX 1060. For an additional SGD350, you can expect an up to 25% improvement over the original Prime-15, which Aftershock is selling alongside the updated version at CEF. The original Prime-15 is on sale for SGD2250, and the Prime-15 Max-Q Edition for SGD2599. Prices will change depending on your desired configuration.

Don’t let the Prime’s compact size fool you… Image: Daniel Adipranoto

Also featured front and centre at Aftershock’s booth is the Impulse V2. In its basic configuration, the Impulse V2 sells for SGD1429 and features an Intel i5-7500 Processor, Nvidia GTX 1050Ti, 8GB of RAM, and 120GB of SSD and 1TB of HDD Storage. For an additional SGD 396, you could upgrade to a GTX1070, and for an additional SGD400, you can net yourself Intel’s latest 8 th Generation i7-8700K Processor.

The sleek form and bold edges conceal the gaming machine beneath… Image: Daniel Adipranoto

On display as well was Aftershock’s All-In- One gaming desktop. Called the NEXT, it features a 32” 144Hz Full HD Display, Intel i7-7500 Processor, Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card, 8GB of RAM, and 120GB of SSD and 1TB of HDD storage for SGD1927. Similar to the Impulse V2, you can choose to upgrade your CPU to an i7-8700K for SGD400 or your GPU to a 1080Ti for SGD940. Aftershock is located at Level 4, Booth 8619.

The NEZT will free up desk real estate while delivering top-notch performance. Image: Daniel Adipranoto

Secret Lab

Singapore’s home-grown and internationally renowned gaming chair brand Secret Lab brought 3 of their latest chair designs to CEF. As part of their lauch of their 2018 series of Omega and Throne models, Secret Lab is offering $150 discount on top of free delivery with quote of promo code “CEF2017”!

Refreshed for 2018, the Omega features an upgraded construction that is more robust and has a greater range of movement compared to its predecessor. It is on sale at CEF for SGD469 including free delivery. A free velour head pillow will also be included.

The Throne has also been refreshed for 2018, featuring a new armrest design and memory foam lumbar pillow, giving you a better posture while sitting upright. Secret Lab is selling the Throne for SGD399 inclusive of delivery, as well as a free velour head pillow.

Secret Lab’s biggest chair design yet, the Titan, features a seatbase 35% larger than most other chairs in it its class, combined with great build quality and construction. It is on sale for SGD549 inclusive of delivery, and will include a free velour head pillow as well. Secret Lab is located at Level 4, Booth 8613.

Other Highlights


Shortly after this picture was taken the table collapsed from the sheer massiveness. Image: Ian Ling

Spotted at MSI’s booth was the GT83VR. Built to be a “desktop replacement”, it is exactly what it is, a laptop that will stay on your desk due to its massive size and weight. The 18.4” laptop weighs 4.5kg, and features two of Nvidia’s GTX 1080 in SLI. This gaming behemoth also has a built-in SteelSeries mechanical keyboard and a trackpad that doubles as a keypad as well. No price was given, but one can expect this monster to cost upwards of SGD6000.


HP recently refreshed their entire line of laptops with Intel’s latest 8 th Generation Core Processors, including the Envy and Spectre lines. HP released the first Envy 13 to many great reviews back in 2015. Now in its 3 rd iteration, the latest Envy 13 has been redesigned with a more angular look, and is now equipped with a discreet graphics card in the form of a Nvidia MX150. This should give it better gaming performance than most of its competitors, as most thin and light laptops in its class feature only an integrated HD620. The Envy 13 starts at $1399 for the most basic model without the MX150, going up all the way to SGD2599 for a top-of- the-line model.


Mobot’s electric scooters and bicycles have been very popular in Singapore. VR Zone managed to try their flagship Altimex, which features a 1000W motor, a top speed of 25km/h and a range of 40km. Stay tuned for a video of us riding Mobot’s Altimex scooter and FlexiLite PMV!

While speeds are limited to regulatory standards, these rides pack a punch with high wattage motors and excellent handling. Image: Daniel Adipranoto


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