Attached or not, Valentine’s day is the perfect way for you to let your loved one know how much they mean to you. However, it also means fully-booked restaurants, severely marked-up prices on flowers, and a general dearth of unique, creative ideas that could possibly wow your partner.

For a gift guide, you could check Lazada’s top purchases by men and women to pick a trendy gadget for your mate.

We’ve written this piece for all sorts of people in all stages of their relationships – so no matter where you are in your love life, this guide might be useful in helping you find a meaningful way to spend time with your partner.

Dining Out

If you’re intending to dine out, you should be mindful of the hoardes of couples you’d have to compete with to get that ideal table (or any table at all), especially at more established eateries.

Of course, you could call in advance to book a table, but these foodie mobile apps can also give your more bang for your buck.

For savings, The Entertainer App and Burpple Beyond mobile applications give you a large variety of 1-for-1 meal deals with a paid yearly subscription. Those less inclined to pay for year-long subscriptions or don’t dine out regularly can opt for a monthly plan with Burpple Beyond instead.

Some promotions on Burpple Beyond. Image: Burpple Beyond website

For reservations, Eatigo also allows you to get up to 50% off your meals, and Chope gives you loyalty points for each reservation, that can then be redeemed.

Promotions on The Entertainer App. Image: The Entertainer website

If you’re looking at a whole-day suite of activities, Fave gives you discounts not just on meals, but on spa visits, karaoke sessions and movies. 

A good restaurant is hard to come by, and HungryGoWhere is a good place to easily find crowd-sourced, unbiased reviews on nearly every eatery in the country. The app allows you to reserve seats, too.


Not advocating autocannibalism, of course, but a good way to avoid queues and disappointment on such an important day is to do it yourself.

If the weather’s looking good, you might be thinking of a lovely spot of alfresco dining or a lovely, romantic picnic. The Accuweather app is a hassle-free way to check the odds of downfall, but the NEA website also allows you to visually check the movements of rainclouds. 

For the terrible off-chance that it rains on your parade, AroundMe is a useful app to pinpoint the nearest amenities to seek refuge in.

Whether in a park or at home, you might be tempted to try your hand at cooking. The Tasty, Tastemade and Epicurious apps are great options with easy-to-follow recipes. If those don’t work for you, YouTube’s litany of Gordon Ramsey tutorials might!

Valentine’s Day recipes on the Epicurious App. Image: Screengrab from Epicurious App

A track record of burning down kitchens might not bode well for a re-entry into the kitchen, so you might be thinking of ordering out. If you are, the GrabFood, FoodPanda, Deliveroo and Honestbee apps should give you plenty of options.

That’s all we have. If you have an app you absolutely can’t live without, do let us know in the comments section down below, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

All apps are available on both iOS and Android at the time of publishing.

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