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With both feet high and dry in 2018, VR Zone looks back on 2017, which as been a very exciting year for phone launches. These have ranged from the hotly-anticipated to the pleasantly-surprising. If you’re still overwhelmed (and slightly lost) by all the phones launched last year, fret not. In this article, we round up the top 5 phones released in 2017 for you:


iPhone X


Its hefty price tag may have made many people bat an eyelid, but the iPhone X truly marks the start of a an evolution with a long overdue change in Apple’s highly-popular smartphones.

As with all evolutions, the changes pose a set of problems: boasting a new interface and losing the home button means existing Apple users will also take time to adjust, and the all-glass design really adds to the anxiety of possibly dropping your really expensive phone. But it is, after all, still touted as Apple’s best ever (and most luxurious) phone to date, with features like a crisp screen and strong camera.

All minor flaws aside, the biggest deterrence is, of course, still the price. We are looking at the possibility that the price will drop due to lower-than-expected demand, which could possibly make this one of the most luxurious phones in the market that you may actually afford.

Price: From SGD 1648


Samsung Galaxy S8

In comparison to its other competitor(s), this Android phone is touted to be the best value for money, thanks to it packing one of the best screen quality and camera capabilities found in current smartphones.

There are reviews lamenting that its fingerprint scanner is located in an inconvenient position and that its facial/iris recognition is still somewhat lacking when compared to Apple’s Face ID. However, there is little else to complain about this phone beyond that, making it possibly the most all-rounded smartphone on the list.

Price: From SGD 1148


Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Another Samsung product on the list, this phablet packs a real punch with its Infinity Display and two rear cameras – probably good enough for us to forget about the highly-flammable Note 7.

As a phone from the Note series, it definitely is bigger than its S8 counterpart, and the price a lot higher as well. However, if you’re looking for a really big screen display to doodle and write notes on, this is the best phone released in 2017 that you can find.

Price: From SGD 1398

Huawei Mate 10 Pro


The biggest talking point about this phone is its battery, which makes it truly unique at a time where we are near to giving up on expecting our phone batteries to last beyond a day.  With a capacity of 4,000mAh, it translates to a possibility of stretching phone usage to two days on just one single charge.

Co-engineered with Leica, Huawei Mate 10 Pro’s dual camera is a solid contender among the smartphone offerings – good for a simple point-and-shoot, and even more fantastic in manual mode.

Read our full review of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro here.

Price: From SGD 1098


Google Pixel 2


Its ergonomic design, although not the most eye-catching, is still worth noting – reviews have sung praises about how this phone fits nicely in the palm, and the screen easily manipulated by a thumb. A phone should, at its very essence, be a device that you can use with ease and convenience, and Google Pixel 2 definitely got this right.

This Android phone also boasts functions such as a water-resistant body, dual front-facing speakers, and a very impressive 12MP rear camera that works wonders in portrait mode.

The price is a little less impressive, but this phone is certainly worth the price, thanks to the features that it packs.

Price: From SGD 1230

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