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VR-Zone Exclusive: SilverStone SST-ST45SF 450W SFX PSU Reviewed

We snapped up SilverStone’s SST-ST45SF for a quick spin and decided that it could do more than its size suggests.

More cruelty inside.

The SST-ST45SF is the latest SFX form factor Power Supply Unit (PSU) from SilverStone Technology. This diminutive PSU will fit into cases with SFX PSU cutouts, such as SilverStone’s own Sugo SG05 and SG06 cases. You can also purchase this PSU as an upgrade to your existing SFX PSU if you’re looking foward to upgrading to faster, more power hungry processors or graphics accelerators. The SST-ST45SF comes in a tiny box that wouldn’t look out of place sitting amongst 5.25″ optical drive packaging.



SilverStone has been rather thoughtful with their choice of supplied accessories. A large Velcro cable tie holds all the output cables together; the system builder can reuse this to manage power cabling. A few nylon cable ties are also supplied for tying together thinner cable bundles. Even the PSU mounting screws selected are black to complement the finishing of the SST-ST45SF. Should you relegate this PSU to a larger case in the future, a stamped steel bracket is available for you to mount the SST-ST45SF within a ATX PSU cutout.


The PCIe power connectors are noteworthy: SilverStone has included in the SST-ST45SF a 6+2 pin PCIe power connector on top of a 6 pin one. Just note that with only 36A specified on the single +12V rail, you might want to think twice about plugging in a 290W+ Radeon HD 5970. We’re however glad that SilverStone did not close that option off from its users on the SST-ST45SF.





The SST-ST45SF is certified to 80 PLUS Bronze standards. A single 80mm diameter fan cools the PSU innards. Power input is via a IEC socket. The rear of the PSU is well ventilated, presumably to allow hot air to vent out of the system in which the SST-ST45SF is installed.



The breakdown of the power delivery is labelled on the PSU. The SST-ST45SF is auto-ranging, allowing it to be used in most parts of the world. We’re testing this PSU on the 230V British BS 1363 standard.


Given that most SFX power supplies will be installed in smaller, low-power consumption systems, the SST-ST45SF will typically find itself cruising on the middle of the power-efficiency load line. This in turn, makes exploring the SST-ST45SF’s efficiency a little boring. Futhermore, we at VR-Zone tend to look at things from a less typical angle; which is why we bring to you The Acid Test on the next page.


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