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Virtual Reality (VR) is beginning to gather steam across the technology world. E3 had a significant number of developers, from indie studios to massive developers showcasing their forays into VR. The Mobile World Conference Shanghai 2016 (MWCS2016) was no different, with the HTC Vive taking up a significant amount of exhibition real estate. One standout however was a small, San Francisco-based startup called Senso.  Just like Contact CI, it is a VR controller, but there might be potential for something greater.


Getting a feel for VR

Senso is promising a great deal with their new glove, which was being demoed at convention. Apart from haptic feedback and a more immersive controller, the start up is promising a wide range of sensations. Heating and Cooling elements are promised, as well as vibration motors to give a variety of sensations as feedback. Senso has promised that the feedback, “feels great.” At MWCS2016 there were no live demonstrations of the product however, only a demo video promising a great deal.


Andrey Kamotskiy, CBDO of Senso, says that they are intending their product to be used as many users as possible. “It is compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, as well as mobile VR,” he says. When asked about iOS compatibility, he admits that this is something they would like to do, but are unable to work with. “It is us to Apple, not us,” he admits, hinting at potential compatibility down the line.

Potential on the horizon


Sense are currently focused on delivering controller gloves, with developer kits releasing late 2016. However, Kamotskiy says that there might be other products down the road. “We are in talks with HTC,” he says, “they are looking to develop a full helmet and other devices for VR.” Senso have not revealed any further details other than “talks,” and neither has HTC. If these talks lead to anything, it will be some time before news is released.

Depending on development time, Senso are looking to commercially release their glove controllers early to mid 2017. They are estimating a price of around $250 for a pair, significantly less than Contact CI’s $470.

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