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Volvo replaces passenger seat with multi-purpose footrest


Volvo is going above and beyond with a new car concept aimed at making chauffer vehicles even more luxurious.

At the recent International Auto Show in Shanghai, the Sweden-based carmaker unveiled a concept that did away with the passenger seat.  Instead, the seat is replaced with a multipurpose footrest.  It can be converted into a fully functional desk during those long car rides and work needs to be done.  When it comes to relaxation, the table can be flipped over and voila a 17-inch TV is at your disposal.


Under the padded lounge console are various trays and storage units for bringing anything you might need for the road.

The mouth-watering console is just a concept for now, and it’s likely that it’ll only be installed in vehicles aimed at the rich and famous.  However, we don’t see why the average Joe can’t utilize something like this as well.  An economy car equipped with this type of console essentially extends our workspace to the road, and of course it’ll be a nice spot to nap in, too.

Source: volvo via gizmag

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