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Vodafone UK launches £50 Smart Mini – terrible specs, incredible price

Vodafone UK has earlier today unveiled one of the most modest Android smartphones in the world, which just happens to be one of the cheapest as well. Read on for the full pricing details and the thing’s (lackluster) spec sheet.


As every smartphone manufacturer is pushing the performance bar higher and higher, pricing is also boosted, making it near impossible for a tech aficionado to keep up with the times and avoid spending a fortune every year.

True, you can get beasts like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 or HTC’s One for as less as $100-$150, but only if you commit to 24-month carrier agreements. Not to mention that, in the long run, you’ll be paying double the $600 or $700 Samsung and HTC ask for the phones outright.

The great thing about today’s Android world though is its diversity. If you don’t exactly need bleeding-edge technology out of your everyday handheld, you can find a decent one at $400. Even 2 or 300 bucks can buy you a solid entry-level phone, though obviously you’ll need to sacrifice a few things.

And if you’re willing to sacrifice almost everything, Vodafone UK’s brand new Smart Mini is your go-to device. This thing is tiny, sports a pitiful screen and packs a processor that was last viewed as fast in 2009.

However, it only costs £50 ($78). On Pay as You Go. Translation – with no contractual obligations. Put into perspective, that’s about as much as a clock radio goes for nowadays. Pretty wacky, eh?

But you know what the absolute craziest thing about Vodafone Smart Mini is? It runs stock Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Fair warning though, JB’s butter will likely not be very “fresh” when paired with the phone’s 1 GHz single-core CPU, 512 MB of RAM and 3.5-inch 480 x 320 pixels resolution screen.

The other cringeworthy features known at this time include 4 GB of internal memory (only 2.4 gigs usable), microSD support and a 12.2 mm thickness. Nightmare material, I know, but keep your eyes on the price and you’ll definitely feel better.

Vodafone should start selling the Smart Mini momentarily in white and black flavors, with a pink model also coming soon. Anybody looking to score one?

Via [Cnet UK]

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