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Vivo APEX Features Groundbreaking In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

The new Vivo APEX phone shows off a radical design and feature. The APEX features a stunning FullView Display with 98% screen-to-body ratio. The stunning clean design features an industry-leading top and side bezels at 1.8mm with 4.3mm at the bottom. OLED technology allows for such thin bezel and screen-to-body ratio.

With a front end that is completely screen, Vivo APEX’s  futuristic form factor is both ground-breaking and incredibly attractive. Image: Vivo

The first thing you will notice is the FullView Display dominating the whole front of the phone and the camera at the back. The proximity sensors, front camera, speaker, and fingerprint sensor are well hidden in the APEX. The front camera pops out when needed from the top. Dubbed “Elevating Front Camera”, it rises in 0.8s when needed. Vivo uses Screen SoundCasting Technology which transforms the whole display into a speaker. It sends vibrations through the display to project sound. Vivo also appeals to audiophiles by integrating a DAC and three amplifiers together in a new System in Package (SIP). This reduces the size by 60%, freeing space inside the phone for a bigger battery and other features.

Something out of a James Bond movie. Image: Vivo

The fingerprint scanner is the star of the show on this phone. Vivo has installed the world’s first “Half-Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology” (that’s a mouthful) on this phone. The entire bottom half of the screen is a fingerprint scanner. Users just need to place their finger on the screen bottom half to unlock the screen. The technology also allows for dual-fingerprint scanning to strengthen security.

Currently just a concept phone, the Vivo APEX concept phone makes a distinct statement as a relative underdog in the mobile industry – we did it, and we did it first. Pricing and availability of Vivo’s full-screen mobile devices can be found on VR Zone when released.

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