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VisionBody Powersuit – Sculpt, Shape and Tone Your Body

This suit might not give you super strength, or the ability to fly in the sky like Superman, but it claims to be able to sculpt your body, using the revolutionary wireless Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) system.

Unlike traditional EMS technology that requires the extensive use of wires and cables, the Powersuit is completely wireless. This allows it to be used during your workouts to help with training efficiency and effectiveness.

The Powersuit holds 20 high-tech pulse patches, which helps to stimulate your primary muscle groups but at the same time, work the smaller muscle groups autonomously. EMS is claimed to be able to help to improve blood circulation within your body, speed up cell metabolism, activate the muscle fibres and connective tissue as one and in so doing, build up quality muscle whilst burning fat.

Using these German-engineered VisionBody Powersuits at the VisionGym in Robertson Quay, dedicated personal trainers there believe you will see visible results with just 2x 20-minute sessions in 3 weeks.

As fascinating as the hardware is, the software within the suit is rather comprehensive as well.

Body Question-Key is one of the main features of the VisionBody suit. The technology helps to analyse the body during your workout and will aid the body’s effort to find a fine balance between tension and relaxation. Built for finesse, the VisionBody EMS technology is gentle and soothing like a massage, unlike classical EMS signals that are heavy and unrefined, striking the body like an electric “hammer”.

Whether you are trying to achieve some substantial fat loss, muscle gain, or simply a healthier and tighter skin, the VisionBody Powersuit might be an interesting thing to try out.

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