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Virgin Mobile hops on iPhone 5S wagon, available starting October 1

Virgin Mobile will begin offering the iPhone 5S later in just a few days, but don’t expect some sort of subsidized pricings as the phone will likely come with an off-contract tag.


The nice thing about prepaid is that you’re not tied down to a two-year contract upon getting your phone, but the catch is you have a high up front cost.  Virgin Mobile, like any other prepaid carriers, offer phones at their full retail (or sometime even above) prices, and so we’re guessing the 5S will cost somewhere around $649.00 for 16GB and additional $100 increments for handsets with more storage.

The 5S isn’t a remarkably different device from that of the previous model, and people may not have much of an incentive to upgrade.  Still, with features like the fingerprint sensor embedded into the home button, the 5S is still an appealing buy.

Oh, Virgin Mobile is also offering the 5C.  The plastic remake of the iPhone 5 will, of course, cost less than the top-tier 5S.  Both handsets will become available starting October 1.

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