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Vinci: The World’s First Truly All-In-One Smart Headphone

Think of all the features which you utilise on your Smartphone, like listening to music, making calls, tracking your fitness or Googling a quirky fact. What if we were to tell you that you can find all those features and more, in a wireless voice controlled pair of headphones? Would you believe us? On this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature Vinci. The world’s first truly Smart headphone that is able to operate independently from your Smartphone and something right out of a sci-fi movie. 


Simply put, Vinci has most functions of a basic Smartphone, fitness wearable and Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, all built into one headphone. Control it via voice command or the touch screen situated on the side of its body. These headphones are available in two variants, namely the Vinci and the Vinci Pro. As its name the suggests, the latter has slightly better technical specifications in terms of internal memory size (16GB/32GB), an additional charging method and significant additional audio features.

Image Credit: Vinci
Image Credit: Vinci

A Little Voice Living in Your Headphone

The more Vinci is used, the more its in-built AI learns of your usage patterns, right down to predicting your music preference. Google a quirky fact, call an Uber to pick you up, reply a message or even to make a call, all you have to do is just ask. Audio enjoyment wise, the AI tracks what you listen to based on location, fitness statistics and listening habits. It then is able to recommend you songs based on these parameters and even predict which song you would want to listen to!

Image Credit: Vinci
Image Credit: Vinci

Audio Goodness

Apart from all these really nifty extra features, it is good to note the Vinci is firstly build to be a pair of headphones which provide crystal clear sound before anything else. From Smart noise cancelling, Hi-Fi quality sounds, audio transparency, 3D audio playback to 3D audio recording, the Vinci seems to have it all. To top this all off, it even has a special feature named Active Head-Tracking which gives you a brand new immersive way to consume your favourite music. It works by first reading the position of your head, any audio that is played will allow you perceive sound from a specific fixed point in space. Pretty cool huh?

Image Credit: Vinci

Availability and Price

With so many features, it is not surprising that the Vinci has already been fully funded and has most of its early specials snapped up. The regular Vinci variant currently has its slashed its early bird pledge by 50 per cent, and is retailing for just SG$141 (US$99) – approximately the price of a regular mid-range headphone. Colour options include White, Silver, Lime Green, Red and Black. The Vinci Pro on the other hand has most of its super early bird specials snapped up, its next pledge is priced at SG$268 (US$189). International shipping for either variant will set you back an additional flat rate of SG$43 (US$30). Colour options are slightly limited to just Black, White and Yellow. That being said, be prepared to wait a while to get your hands on these awesome headphones. Orders for the Vinci will start shipping in March 2017, while orders for the Vinci Pro will take slightly longer and only start shipping in April 2017.


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