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Vinci, the rebel among headphones that needs more convincing.

Vinci Version 1.5 headphones in 3 different colors.

The wireless Vinci is touted as the ‘First Smart 3D Headphones that Understands You’. (Quite a tall order as I have trouble even getting Siri to understand me) With ‘Vinci Voice OS’ virtual assistant technology, Vinci aspires to be your alternative to Siri or Google Assistant, with no need to be connected to an actual phone. Aside from voice controls, a luscious touch screen on the side responds to your finger gestures, making it as intuitive to operate as the Parrot Zik ever wanted to be.

Enhanced by Active Noise Cancelling technology, the Vinci’s sound quality is touted to be really great according to reviewers, even established ones like Cnet’s Sean Hollister. 16GB or 32GB worth of internal storage means that your hi-res music can now be stored on these headphones instead of taking up precious space on your phone – space you would rather use for games or videos. Even without storing actual music files, you can stream music directly to Vinci through Spotify, Amazon Music and SoundCloud using WiFi or 3G data.


Vinci looks darn sexy, so why hesitate? Voice recognition in headphones is a great idea, but only if it works in noisy environments like in the MRT or in the streets. Plus, have you ever seen anyone use Siri or Google Assistant on public transport, ever?

Battery life is also a concern. If I were to rely on this on a daily basis, I need to get a full day’s battery life out of this. On paper, the new version has a 10 hour battery life, but this will definitely vary on usage. This machine has a touch-screen, noise-cancelling, heart-rate sensor, Binaural 3D recording, Augmented Reality 3D playback etc. With so much tech crammed inside, I’m not so confident I’ll get 10 hours at all!



So there, as much as I like the design, I’ll be withholding my money until those concerns are addressed. The Vinci is being funded on Kickstarter at the moment so if you want to sneak a peak at it, or pre-order one, here’s the link.

Source: Cnet

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