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ViewSonic plans tablet device, dual-boots between Windows and Android

You know what people always say about one being never enough. That can also apply to computing, and nobody likes to be stuck or locked into just one operating system. And ViewSonic has just the thing to cater for customers who prize choice above everything else: a tablet which offers a dual-boot option for both Windows and Android. Sounds good, no?

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For some, multiple OSes may be an annoyance, but for others, the ability to choose between operating systems at boot is a feature worth putting money on. And apparently, ViewSonic is targeting the latter with a new tablet which it plans to launch some time soon. 

Known as the ViewPad 7 (because of its 7-inch screen) ViewSonic’s dual-booting tablet will come with both Windows 7 and Android pre-installed. On the hardware side, the device will have the standard range of capablities such as 3G connectivity, WiFi, accelerometers, USB ports and GPS. However, no other details have been released, such as processor speed and available memory.

Of course, the ability to dual-boot will sound great on paper. After all, choice is always a good thing, or at least, that is what some people like to claim. However, we just cannot help but wonder about the feasibility of dual-booting on a tablet. Sure, most tablets usually come with generous amounts of onboard flash storage (or hard disk capacities for HDD-based models), but how often a user would feel the urge to switch between Windows and Android on a whim is really anyone’s guess. 

More importantly, there is also the issue of compatibility: as of now, we have no idea whether the version of Windows installed on the ViewPad is the desktop-grade Windows 7 or a smaller, stripped down Windows Embedded. But we will probably have to wait for such details after its official launch.

Spurce: TechRadar

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