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Video: The birth of a Gigabyte Z77 motherboard

A little while ago VR-Zone had the opportunity to visit Gigabyte's Nan-Ping factory in Taiwan where the company makes most of its high-end motherboards, as well as some graphics card models, notebooks, smartphones and a few other things. We got a short video after the break showing you how Gigabyte's Z77 motherboards are being made, so click on through to the video.

The Nan-Ping factory is very flexible and Gigabyte manufacturers multiple lines of products at once. Sadly, on the day we visited things were quite slow, as the company had already shipped most of its Z77 motherboards to its customers already, but a few production lines were still operational. Keep in mind that these production lines can output some quarter of a million motherboards a month, not taking into account other products.

Gigabyte recently updated one of its production lines to include a new SMT machine that can fit 15 SMD components a second to a motherboard, up from 10 components per second when compared to the machines used in the other production lines. The company is also busy working on an automatic solution for adding capacitors to the motherboards, but sadly we weren't allowed to film this machine, as it's a custom made solution for Gigabyte.

Overall it's very interesting to see what's going on and how advanced parts of the manufacturing process is, while other parts are required to be done by hand. There's a reason why motherboards cost what they cost, as it's not just a matter of PCB and components going on there, but it's a really advanced manufacturing process which involves both a lot of people and very expensive machinery.

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