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Video ads coming soon to your Facebook feed

If you thought the outrage over Instagram changing their terms of service so that they can sell your images without your permission was getting out of hand wait until you see what Facebook has up its sleeve for next year.

While most people are waiting anxiously for December 21st to come and go without the world blowing up there are some of us who are preparing ourselves for the next true apocalypse that is coming our way in April of 2013.  That is the month that Facebook is preparing to unleash its new video ad product for advertisers on the network. Of course you can already get video ads showing up on your Facebook pages but this new product being shopped to advertisers is different.

According to ad industry executives, supposedly in these new ads will be showing up in our News Feeds – you know, that stream of nonsensical updates from all your supposed friends on Facebook. However, as obnoxious as that move might be it pales in comparison to the real kicker behind this new product. You see Facebook is making it so that the videos will auto play thereby bypassing your typical "meh" response on seeing ads and making it so you have to see them.

But wait, it doesn't stop there folks.  Facebook is still deciding on whether or not that auto playing of the videos will include the audio portions of the ads. Yes, you read that right. Facebook wants to do the one thing that is generally considered to be the most obnoxious and repellant thing on the web – auto playing video and audio ads.

What's really funny about all this though is the reaction of some of the advertisers that have been approached regarding these new ads. As one executive apparently told AdAge:

“There could be some serious outrage.”

No kidding there will be outrage; but then this type of action from Facebook is nothing new so don't be surprised if in the new year the biggest cry on the web will be about people leaving Facebook.

via Business Insider

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